The FuelSave is your one-stop solution for PV-Diesel hybrid power plants by two of the leading providers in their field of business: PRETTL group in diesel generator systems and KACO new energy in PV technology.


The combination of PV and diesel generators offers all the advantages of the respective systems. The key to tapping this enormous potential of hybrid solutions is the FuelSave’s advanced intelligent control unit: it ensures that as much PV energy as possible is used and still keeps the genset in its optimum working range.

KACO new energy and PRETTL offer finely-tuned, representative packages of the FuelSave for various power needs from 30 kW to 1 MW. The packages consist of all the necessary single components, perfectly matched to cater for the highest system efficiencies and lowest losses of your hybrid power plant.

The available solar power and the application’s distinct energy consumption pattern need to be evaluated in order to design a suitable “overall optimum system”. By combining PRETTL’s expertise in diesel generator systems with KACO new energy’s know-how in PV systems, the FuelSave can also provide the best possible solution tailor-made to your exact needs.

So, you already have a diesel generator in place? No problem. We will design a PV system to match it. The FuelSave is of course compatible with all common diesel generator models on the market.


  • Includes all necessary components – control unit, solar PV inverters, diesel generator, PV mounting system
  • On request, also comes with logistics, installation and commissioning services
  • Integrates PV systems of substantial size and power
  • Reduces fuel consumption and genset maintenance costs
  • Offers preconfigured packages ready for delivery
  • Can be adapted to individual needs
  • Allows for retrofitting of existing diesel generator systems
  • Extends operating time of gensets due to lower fuel consumption
  • Lowers emissions of CO2 and other air pollutants


The data-sheet is available on request from our sales department.

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